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NonSurgical Weightloss
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Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
Cavitation + RF Online Training
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Body Sculpting is an investment worthy it!

In this online body sculpting training, we will help you to gain the confident that you need to step out into the financial freedom world by investing in yourself and start building legacy for you and families. so, if you want to expand or start a business in to this 6-figure beauty industry then this is a perfect opportunity to do so while this course will help you to earn more money and equipped you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to start or continue with your Journy to success.  

In this course theory and video contents are available with the instruction on how to properly conduct the machines, do & don't on the ultrasonic cavitation, vacuum therapy, laser lipo and RF- handles. 

✔ 24/7 ONLINE ACCESS TO COURSE - Don't worry about the time - With 24/7 online access to the course, we’ve got you covered. With UNLIMITED DAYS of access to the course, we can make sure that we reach your goals at your pace.

✔ DOWNLOADABLE PDF FORMS - With access to our PDF forms and resources, we will make your journey to become a body sculpting technician look easy from day one.

✔ CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION - After the completion of our course, you will receive a certificate that can be shown to potential clients to build trust and authority. 

✔ BIG STUDENT DISCOUNTS - Not only do we provide you with an awesome course, but you’ll also get AMAZING student discounts on products and supplies! 

✔ EXTRA HELP -  Are you feeling lost? We got your back! All students will be able to contact us through email (starbeautybody.com) or IG @starbeauty_body for extra help. Your success is our success.

Why become a body sculpting specialist?

Otherwise from this is a billion dollar industry; most people are always particular with way their body shape in terms of body goals and most of the time want to make changes but don't want to undergo surgery; with that been said that is where you would come in now with your specialties of NON-INVAISE body sculpting that is FDA-APPROVE cleared and will help clients or yourself to reduce unwanted fat in particular areas; also you do NOT need to be a doctor, nurse, or cosmetologist to take this course .         

Equipment Needed: Cavitation Machine

Curriculum Overview:

  1.  Introduction to Non-Invasive Body Sculpting
  2. Overview of non-invasive body sculpting techniques
  3. Comparison of non-invasive methods to invasive methods
  4. Discussion of potential risks and benefits of non-invasive body sculpting
  5. Ultrasound-Assisted Lipolysis
  6. Principles of ultrasound energy and its effects on fat cells
  7. Indications and contraindications for ultrasound-assisted lipolysis
  8. Patient selection and preparation
  9. Procedure and post-treatment care
  10. What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?
  11. Benefits Of Ultrasonic Cavitation
  12. Who can or cannot get it done?
  13. What is Vacuum Therapy?
  14. Benefits Of Vacuum Therapy
  15. Who can or cannot get it done?
  16. What is Wood Therapy?
  17. Benefits Of Wood Therapy
  18. Who can or cannot get it done?
  19. Radiofrequency-Assisted Lipolysis
  20. Principles Of radiofrequency energy and its effects on fat cells
  21. Indications and contraindications for radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis
  22. Patient selection and preparation
  23. Procedure and post-treatment care
  24. What is Radiofrequency Skin Tightening for the Face and Body?
  25. Benefits of Radiofrequency Skin Tightening for the Face and Body

  26. Who can or can not get it done?
  27. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
  28. Indications and contraindications for HIFU
  29. Patient selection and preparation
  30. Procedure and post-treatment care
  31. Combination Treatments
  32. Combining different non-invasive body sculpting techniques for optimal results
  33. Discussion of potential risks and benefits of combination treatments
  34. Patient selection and preparation for combination treatments
  35. Patient Management and Safety
  36. Patient communication and informed consent
  37. Managing expectations and addressing concerns
  38. Identifying and managing adverse events
  39. Post-treatment follow-up and maintenance plans
  42. Video Courses and LIVE model demonstrations
  43. Quiz
  44. Client intake forms (to download)
  45. Supply list

Is there a specific license or permit required to take your course? There is NO specific license you are required to carry in order to take our courses.

Am I required to have a specific license in order to perform these services? You will need to check your local and state requirements to confirm however most states don't require you to have a specific license. We have found in most instances; states don't regulate these services however it will not be written in plain English. You will only be able to find if it is regulated. For example, an esthetician is prohibited from performing micro-needling services (this is only an example). We are located in New York and our states do not require any specific license to perform this service, like we mention above please to check your state.

  How will I receive access to the course? You will receive an email from "Thinkific" with an invitation to create an account within 24 hours. Please be sure to check your junk and spam folders. If you are still unable to locate the email, send a request to starbeautybody@gmail.com.


Is there an exam to take at the end of the course? Yes, you must pass with a grade of 90% or above. If you fail, you are allowed multiple chances to pass without penalty. In addition, you will need to submit a final assignment reflecting your work on a client you performed services on.

Will I receive a certificate of completion? You will receive a certificate of completion via email to the address provided upon purchase.

Start learning on how to build a successful business by learning hidden tips about body sculpting!

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Our fat burning cream help to  reduce stubborn and slow to response areas . One fat burning cream per order. 

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