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Star beauty body & Browz

Star Beauty Skinny Tea

Star Beauty Skinny Tea

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Star Beauty skinny tea help with weight loss, contribute to suppressing appetite, detox the body, improves immune system and gives essential vitamins, 100% plant base. One tea bag can be use 1-3 daily. Follow instruction on the back of the tea. No adding of sugar when using. FDA-APPROVED .


Moringa leaf 

Cassia seed

Lotus Leaf  


All of these components contribute massively to weight loss which will help you to reach to your desired weight goal .

CAUTION: recommended for adults only. If you are taking prescription medication or pregnant/breastfeeding,  consult  your health care provider prior to using this product . Contains plant-based caffeine. 

Caffeine contents: contains 17.98 MG of caffeine per serving. An average cup of coffee contains 95 MG per serving .

NOTE: if you feel unwell everytime when finish drinking,  please stop using.



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