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Miracle Tape

Miracle Tape

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ATTENTION, please read before purchasing. 

Our Miracle Tape help to compress your abdomen in getting it smaller and tighten the elasticity  in the skin , also promotes blood circulation and lymphatic Drainage. 

  • This tape is made of 100% cotton 
  • Comfortable 
  • Breathable
  • Moisture wicking 
  •  Water resistant (to certain degree)
  • Flexible


  • Make sure the area is clean before applying tape.
  • Moisture area that the tape will be apply to.
  • Use two roll of tape per session.
  • Use gorilla glue  to seal the end of tape when finish wrapping. 
  • Use fan or blow dryer to dry the glue afterwards. 
  • Hold abdomen in when wrapping .

For best results drink our SKINNY TEA while using  to help with detoxifying.

Removal process:

Wet tape and slowly remove with oil.

 Miracle tape can be use up to 10 days, (indidvuals dont not have to wear wrap for 10days if they dont want to, you can wear it for whatever amount of days you choose, dont excess more than 10 days ) the tape becomes disposable after useage  . TAPE IS NOT SUITABLE for Individuals with sensitive skin type. 

Each order includes TWO TAPES.

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