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Star beauty body & Browz

Star Beauty Slimming capsules

Star Beauty Slimming capsules

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 The Star Beauty Slimming Capsule is packed with benefits that help you not only achieve that slim figure but also keep your digestive system working at optimal levels all day. Each bottle contains 60 slimming pills with a concentrated formula that will get you burning that quarantine fat in no time. 

Main ingredients: Cassia seed, Poria cocos, Rhizoma, Alisa, Coix seed, Balsam, Lotus leaf, Kuding tea, Gynostemma pentaph yllum.

Health Function: 100% natural herbs,no chemicals ingredients and no side effects. Fat burner, weight loss and slimming.

Usage: Orally 3 capsules per time, twice daily.

Specification: 400mg *60

unsuitable population: Pregnancy and lactating mother.

Storage: Avoid light, seal, shady and dry place.

Noted: This product is not a substitute for drug.


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